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Meet The Team


Aashi Faldu

Founder & CEO

Aashi co-founded Eufinity and currently acts as the CEO of Eufinity, managing day-to-day operations.  She is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida completing her BS in Biology and minoring in Innovation in AI. 


Aashi has been involved in the healthcare field since 2018, in various roles such as an organ and tissue advocate, medical scribe, and emergency medical technician. She developed a passion for the cause of mental health during the pandemic and during her time conducting research about mental health in the local underserved community. Aashi’s experience in the healthcare field allows Eufinity to train our coaches, create proper procedures, and overall provide higher quality care for our users. 

Mihir Patel

CTO & Co-Founder

Mihir co-founded Eufinity and acts as the CTO. He overlooks the technical and software aspects of the company. He is a third-year undergraduate student at Virginia Tech completing his BS in Computational Modeling and Data Analysis with and minoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. 


Mihir has interned with Shyamal Real Estate Group s as a data analyst and web developer. Currently, Mihir is working as a VBA developer for the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech. With his passion for data science, Mihir has developed, edited, and expanded a program that allows students to track their microbiological samples and create sampling plans for a course at Virginia Tech. With Mihir's expertise Eufinity is able to handle tackle the technical aspects of being a start-up with ease. 


Jay Kapoor

COO & Co-Founder

Jay co-founded Eufinity and acts as the COO. He oversees our team, assists in team management, and develops strategies to maintain and grow Eufinity's infrastructure as a company in addition to implementing operational procedures to improve the company's procedure.  He is a third-year undergraduate student at Virginia Tech completing his BS in Computational Modeling and Data Analysis with and minoring in Statistics. 


With his entrepreneurial mindset and his family business background involving commercial plastics manufacturing. Jay wanted to take a step toward making mental health more accessible for college students and play his role in leaving an impact on the matter of mental health on society. Jay assists Eufinity to address team, financial, and business management matters.

Dr. Kavita Chapla, MD

Medical Advisor

 Dr. Chapla is our medical advisor who is a board-certified physician in internal medicine. She meets with our team of coaches to assure our coaching guidelines and techniques are up to standards. She also makes sure the coaches practice within their scope and only non-medical cases are handled. Additionally, she also runs our coaches through drills to prepare them for diverse situations and how to approach them.

kavita 2.jpeg

Our Dedicated Interns

Core of Our Team

In addition to our team of founders, our team also consists of four teams social media, marketing, app design/IT, and coaches. The number of interns varies from 30 to 70 from semester to semester and they come from universities and colleges all over the country. The team leads are Audrey McKenzie (Social Media), Miri Chan (Marketing), Muzamil Shamsi (App Design), Hayden Perry (App Development), and Saahil Naik (Coaches).

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